Shahzeb Afridi

KOHAT: There is only one basic health unit (BHU) for 2,200 population of Tor Chapar area of Sub-Division Kohat and that too is facing staff shortage due to which the local people are facing difficulties.

Tor Chapar is situated about 20 kilometres from Darra Adamkhel Bazaar which is an area in the lap of mountains with lack of basic facilities and that is the main reason behind its low population. Many people from the area have shifted to other places due to lack of basic facilities.

Haji Afzal, a local resident, said while talking to TNN that the area people face difficulties in having access to basic facilities. He said that in the era of technological advancement, Tor Chapar is still deprived of basic facility of healthcare. Although, there is a BHU, but it lacks facilities. He said children get vaccinated at the BHU, but the men and women had to go to other areas for medical treatment.

Haji Afzal said the BHU is just like an empty house where there is no lady doctor which is the main cause behind women patients staying away from it. If people need medical attention, they go to Kohat or Peshawar which is an expensive and tiresome exercise. Lack of healthcare facilities in own area also means that patients don’t get timely treatment. Haji Afzal said about 25 to 45 patients from Tor Chapar visit Kohat and Peshawar on daily basis.

“There is no lady health visitor in the BHU, while Expanded Program of Immunisation (EPI) technician is also not available. The BHU was constructed 25 years ago, but we have not seen doctors here,” he said, adding that local people work in the BHU who often remain absent.

Ayaz Afridi, another local resident, said the facility of clean drinking water is also not available at the BHU, and the sanitation system is also bad. He called upon the government to provide facilities at the BHU so that the local people had not to travel to Kohat and Peshawar for treatment. He said healthcare is a facility which is needed the most by the locals, and the authorities must pay heed to it.



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