CHITRAL, 31 August: A large number of tourists from different parts of the country are visiting Kailash Valley of Chitral to enjoy the weather and scenic beauty of the area.

The local people said thousands of tourists visit the area in summer to enjoy the sceneries of beautiful forests, streams and greenery.

Bilqees, a member of a tourist family, told TNN that they arrived in Kailash after a long and hectic journey, but all their fatigue came to an end after seeing the lovely scenes at the valley. However, she said the condition of the road leading to the area is very poor.

“The scenes around the road are very attractive, but the road itself is very bumpy. The condition of the road was not too bad earlier, but the last year’s flood has badly damaged it and it seems no one has repaired any portion of this road. We saw a couple of cranes on the way but they were not working. The trouble of travellers increases if any vehicle comes from the opposite side,” she said.

The area people said the Kailash Valley is popular in the world for its specific culture and climate. However, they said tourism in the area is being affected due to poor condition of the road. They demanded the government to take steps for the immediate repair of the road.