Tourist children talking to TNN correspondent in Swat. - Photo by Rafiullah

SWAT, 8 July: With the advent of the holy month of Ramazan, tourists are visiting the scenic Bahrain and Madian areas of Swat in large numbers.

The tourist families have booked rooms in the hotels and rented houses to spend the month of Ramazan in Swat. The tourists told TNN that they are greatly enjoying pleasant weather of Swat. However, they complained about poor condition of road in Kalam and disruptions in mobile phone services.

“I have come here from Mardan along with my family. We visited different tourist places and enjoyed our visit thoroughly,” a tourist told TNN.

“We are greatly enjoying the scenic beauty of Swat. We enjoyed our visit to Khawaza Khela. The river in the valley presents a lovely scene,” another tourist said.

The local people are also very happy over resumption of tourist activities in Swat which has given boost to local businesses.


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