MIRANSHAH: Trade activities have been restored fully at the Pak-Afghan border in Ghulam Khan area of North Waziristan tribal district.

Hundreds of small and large vehicles carrying different goods cross the border on daily basis. A delegation of Bannu Press Club members visited the Ghulam Khan border on Monday. During the visit, the journalists were taken to Zero Point and other areas of the border.

Tehsildar Ghaniur Rehman while briefing the journalists said that trade activities have been restored in North Waziristan after which Pak-Afghan trade through the Ghulam Khan border has also witnessed increase. He said vehicles carrying goods cross the border from both sides without any hindrance.

Tehsildar Ghaniur Rehman said the main reason behind improvement of trade activities on the Ghulam Khan border is that Gurbaz tribe, which lives on both sides of the border, lives in 31-kilometres area on Afghan side of the border in Khost province. He said the people from Gurbaz tribe frequently cross the border to meet relatives and friends.

The official said work on completion of border fencing is continuing with rapid pace which will further cement bilateral trade. He said the border fencing will improve security situation at the border and trade activities will be carried out in a peaceful atmosphere.

Dialysis machine at Landikotal Hospital non-functional

The dialysis machine at the District Headquarters Hospital Landikotal is non-functional for the last seven years due lack of staff.

On October 07, Chief Minister Mehmood Khan had told TNN that the dialysis machine will be made functional soon. TNN correspondent reported that most of patients in Khyber district go to Peshawar for dialysis. Some patients wait for two days for dialysis in Peshawar.

Sajid Khan, a grade-seven student, told TNN that his father died two years ago and his mother is on dialysis for the last seven years. He said he takes his mother to Hayatabad Kidney Centre in Peshawar twice a week and misses his school for it. He said his family is poor so he borrows money from people to pay for fare for Peshawar travel. He said his problems can reduce if the dialysis machine in Landikotal Hospital is made functional.

Landikotal Hospital MS Nek Dad Afridi said he has written letter to concerned authorities over this problem, but no step has been taken so far. He said dialysis machine will start functioning as soon as staff is provided for it.