Road in Chaman blocked due to protest of cattle traders. - Photo by Rafiullah Mandokhel

QUETTA, 31 January: The cattle traders in Chaman on Sunday staged a protest and blocked the road for all kind of traffic against ban on transporting cattle from Quetta to Chaman, situated near the Pak-Afghan border.

Due to blockage of the road, the business activities came to a halt while the traffic also remained jam due to which the commuters faced many difficulties. The protesting cattle traders said the Customs officials were not allowing them to transport cattle to Chaman despite receiving taxes. They said the cattle traders in Chaman were facing massive financial losses due to ban by the government on their business.

“Cattle traders pay a huge amount of taxes to the government, but there is no electricity, agriculture or jobs for people in Chaman. People depend on the cattle business but the government has now put ban on it due to which we are facing many difficulties,” a cattle trader told TNN.

Customs officials are of the view that the step has been taken to stop cattle smuggling to Afghanistan. They said the smugglers were using the Pak-Afghan border in Chaman for cattle smuggling after which transportation of the cattle to the area was banned.


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