By Abdul Qayyum Afridi

PESHAWAR, 9 July: Technological advancement has created many facilities for the people but it has also impacted the traditional way of life and some local customs.

The tradition of exchanging Eid cards on the occasion of Eid is virtually diminishing due to influx of mobile phones, internet and social media. Tariq Aziz, who works at a book shop in Peshawar Saddar Bazaar for the last 12 years, says there had been hundreds of stalls for Eid cards in the market. However, he said, that tradition has almost ended now.

“We have put very few Eid cards for sale this year. There used to be many book shops in this area but that number has reduced also. A single person can send a thousand messages of Eid greetings to friends but no one can buy a thousand Eid cards,” Mr Aziz told TNN.

The general public is of the view that exchange of Eid greetings has become easier with SMS and e-mail. However, they said, this means end to a very fascinating tradition of exchange of Eid cards.

“Now the tradition of sending wedding cards is also diminishing and people are using electronic wedding cards to invite guests,” a local person said.

“The SMS can’t be an alternative for the traditional feeling of happiness associated with the Eid cards and letters,” another citizen opined.


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