By Said Nazir

PESHAWAR, 11 September: After facing harassment from police and rude behaviour of the society, a transgender, Paro has decided to quit the profession of dancing at functions and opened a boutique in Peshawar.

Paro, who belongs to Swat, is also vice president of the Shemail Association. Paro said she decided to start embroidery on clothes at her home after the death of close friend Alisha and facing torture from crowd at a function. The transgender said she will open a boutique after Eid. Paro said she will continue efforts for the rights of eunuchs.

“There are many reasons behind the decision to quit dancing. The government has not extended any help to us, while the attitude of police is also very discouraging. We are used to the discriminatory attitude of people towards us. My friends advised me to start this business as I know the art of sewing and embroidery, Paro told TNN.

Paro called upon the government to help her in establishing a training centre for eunuchs to enable them to earn their livelihood with dignity.

“I am the first transgender from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to initiate my own business. I spent all my money on this small boutique. I want to expand this boutique and bring more eunuchs to this profession. Currently I am using the same space for work, food and sleeping due to limited resources,” Paro said.

Paro said she was fond of sewing and embroidery since childhood. She said she wants to expand her business and bring more eunuchs in this profession to save them from the highhandedness of police and negative attitude of people.