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PESHAWAR, October 30: Transporters in the provincial capital Peshawar have asked the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to lower the prices of diesel and petrol in case the authorities decide not to increase the fares.

A driver, Mr Karim Jan, told TNN that the transporters were compelled to increase the fares because of the high inflation rate.

“The prices of petrol, diesel and CNG [compressed natural gas] have increased considerably since the year 2010. I have two conductors who get about 250 rupees wages a day. We ply the roads all the day. How will we provide for our families if the prices continue going up day by day,” he said.

Mr Zahir Shah a passenger sitting in a vehicle, told TNN, “We used to pay 15 rupees to travel from Hashtnagri locality to Jehangirabad and recently it has been increased to 20 rupees. Authorities fail to implement orders in such cases. Most of the time the conductors quarrel with passengers over fares. Whenever there is strike of transporters, the conductors charge us 40 rupees for the same distance.”

Two days ago, the provincial transport department announced not to increase fares of public transport in Peshawar city and maintain the 10 rupees fare per bus stop.


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