Tree plantation is the need of the hour

By Professor Dr Ihsanullah Dawar

Justice was the slogan of PTI but it seems to be a dream for all now, because even today, In Pakistan, justice is in the hands of powerful persons.

Yet poet Iqbal has rightly said, “But of his barren acres Iqbal will not despair, A little rain, and harvests shall wave at last, oh Saki!”

Two things are important for the survival of country, politics and society: merit and making decisions on the bases of justice. The development, prosperity, success of any society depends on justice.  Establishment of social justice is very important to maintain the survival of a ruler; the sign of a good ruler, also ordained in Holy Koran, is doing justice.

Justice-based society, clean and fair Pakistan is the voice of all Pakistanis. Everyone knows the importance of justice, cleanliness and tree plantation in the religion of Islam. But still, people in Pakistan usually do not practice it.

While I was in Turkey, one day a Maulvi announced in the mosque that the municipality will bring plants today if anyone wants to participate voluntarily, then after the Zuhr and Asr prayers, there will be a tree plantation, I myself and many others participated in it.

Dear Readers, “Remain Attached To The Tree Keep Spring’s Expectation”. so keep your hope alive. To succeed in the campaign of cleanliness and plantation in Pakistan, the government and the people need sincere efforts, honesty and wisdom.  This would certainly a giant step forward that will benefit our but the whole universe.

For cleanliness, we must take care of the cleanliness of our bodies, homes, neighbourhoods and our surroundings.  We should avoid throwing away garbage because where there is garbage there are flies, mosquitoes, and various pathogens that cause various diseases. Islam also emphasizes on the cleanliness of the body along with the cleanliness of the mind. With the outward cleansing, it is important to take care of inner cleanliness.

In order to make tree plantation campaign successful in the country, agricultural experts should determine different types of plants, keeping in view the weather and environment of any particular area. For example, native and fruit plants should be preferred, rather than eucalyptus and decorative plants. In addition, it is the job of the agricultural experts to determine the proper place for large-scale tree planting in the cities, towns and villages.

To make this campaign a priority, every Pakistani should be encouraged and particularly students of schools, colleges, universities and seminaries should be involved in the campaign.  Ulema should also inform people of the importance of justice, cleanliness and plantation in the world and its rewards hereafter.