Aneela Nayab

PESHAWAR: The tradition of wearing old wedding dresses in marriages is coming back for which women start preparations several months ahead of the function.

Every girl wants to look attractive and unique on this special occasion. Everything belonging to a bride, especially her wedding dress, remains the focus of attention of wedding guests. Nowadays, the fashion of wearing the old wedding dress of mother, grandmother or mother-in-law has become a new trend, which not only revives the memories of old culture, but also saves money which was supposed to be spent on expensive wedding dresses.

Generally, the preparation of wedding dresses for a bride takes several months and consumes a lot of money in this era of inflation. It is also a tiresome exercise as it required several visits to market for purchasing necessary items associated with dressing and then negotiating with tailors on different aspects to get the dressing of choice.

The trend of wearing old wedding dresses also became popular after people saw celebrities on media wearing mother’s or mother-in-law’s wedding dress at their own wedding.

Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, daughter of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, also reportedly wished to wear the wedding dress of her deceased mother at her wedding, but it probably did not happen due to dress size issue. However, she made up for it by wearing a copy of the same dress at her wedding.

The trend of wearing very expensive wedding dresses and jewelry has not gone away completely, but some wise people now prefer traditional dresses to make the arrangements easier and attractive as well. There is an old practice in Pakhtun culture that women always keep their wedding dress safe and particularly during her children’s marriage, she brings out that suit and puts the shawl on the shoulders of bride and groom considering it a good omen for a happy married life.

My aunt had kept her gold jewelry set for her son’s wedding. Although some people objected that its design is old-fashioned, but my aunt wanted to see her daughter-in-law entering her house wearing this set. My mother still uses her wedding Banarsi Dopatta at weddings.

This is a very positive trend as it also saves people from extra expenses during weddings in this era of high inflation.


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