Citizen Journalist Sakinullah Dawar

MIRANSHAH: The tribal elders of North Waziristan district have called upon the government to arrange the facility of polling station for people displaced during military operation at Bakakhel camp.

The demand was made at a Jirga of tribal elders headed by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) candidate for the National Assembly constituency NA-48, North Waziristan, Malik Ghulam Khan on Thursday. The Jirga was attended by a large number of tribal elders and other people.

The tribal elders said the people of Waziristan have offered countless sacrifices for the country, but it is a matter of grave concern that they are being deprived from their right to vote. They demanded the government to ensure repatriation of displaced people before the 25 July general elections. They said polling arrangements must be made for the remaining displaced people who could not go back to their native areas before the elections at Bakakhel camp. They warned that they will stage protests if their demand was not fellfield.

They said about 70,000 displaced men and women will remain deprived of their basic right to cast vote if the issue was not resolved on emergency basis.