Tribal elders and youth holding a rally in favor of FATA merger with KP in Bannu on Monday. Photo by Gohar Wazir

BANNU, 2 November: Tribal elders and youth  from North Waziristan Agency and Frontier Region of Bannu staged a rally in favor of FATA merger with Khyber Pakhunkhwa (KP) province here in Bannu city on Monday.

The workers of various political parties, tribal elders and social activists participated in the rally. The participants were holding banners and placards bearing slogans against Frontier Crime Regulations(FCR) and governance system in FATA.

They were demanding of the government to change the existing governance system in tribal areas and merge the region with KP immediately which would enable tribal population to have same rights enjoyed by their country fellow.

They said that without merger of FATA with KP, peace, development, education and political awareness could not be brought to tribal areas.

One of the participants of the rally told TNN” this is our demand that we want Fata to be included in KP because we are not happy to live with FCR anymore. The name of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is incomplete until and unless Khyber Agency is included in the province.

They announced to hold another rally in Bannu in favor of FATA reforms on Number 9.




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