A view of Afridis Jirga in Hayatabad Peshawar-Photo by Saleem Rehman

BARA, 4 October: Tribal and political leaders from Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency have asked the political administration and security forces to allow the repatriation of Sepah Afridi tribe and reopen Bara baazar immediately.

In the regard a grand Jirga was held in Hayatabad Peshawar in which Member of National Assembly Nasir Khan, Senator Momin Khan and leaders of various political parties and tribes participated. The Jirga participants said that the shopkeepers of Bara bazaar should be compensated for their loses and reconstruction and rehabilitation of their shops and business. They also demanded the reopening of all main roads, educational institutions and health facilities in Bara tehsil where more than half of the total IDPs have returned.

One of the members the Jirga told TNN that the Jirga was convened to discuss the unnecessary delay in the return of Sepah tribe . He said “The biggest problem faced by the People of Bara tehsil is the closure of Bara bazaar which needs to be reopened for starting economic activities in the area”. Another tribesman said” in today’s meeting we have formed a 40 members committee comprising representatives from all Afridi tribes and political parties to meet with authorities  for the early return of Sepah tribe and reopening of Bara bazaar.

Political administration Khyber Agency has asked the elders of  Sepah tribe that they would not be repatriated until they hand over 85 wanted militants or pay Rs 120 million fine to the administration. However, the elders have told the administration that they were unable to meet any of these two demands before their return to Bara.

It merits a mention here that thousands of shops and plazas have been closed in Bara bazaar due to military operations since 2009.



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