PESHAWAR, 31 October: The participants of a conference on FATA reforms held in Peshawar have unanimously passed a resolution asking the federal government to merge FATA with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province and provide all legal and constitutional rights to the people of the tribal region.

The conference which was convened by FATA Lawyers Forum (FLF) in Nishterhall Peshawar on Saturday, was attended largely by tribal elders, political and religious leaders, lawyers, youth, students and women from tribal areas.

Speakers of the conference said that a small group of people were opposing the merger of FATA with KP because they enjoyed special privileges under Frontier Crime Regulations (FCR). They said that the minority privileged section of tribal population wanted to maintain the status quo in FATA and ignore the interest and well being of the majority folk of the region.

They demanded the extension of supreme and high courts’ jurisdiction to FATA and urged the government to pay compensation to tribal people for their losses incurred on them during the so called war on terror.

Talking TNN the leader of PPP and former Member of National Assembly Akhunzada Chatan said ” the political and religious parties are extremely under pressure from the youth of FATA, who have access to technology and education, to do something for changing the status quo in tribal areas. Our people have exposed to outside life and now they know that they are not enjoying the same rights and freedom enjoyed by their country fellow in rest of Pakistan”.

As the population of FATA has become aware of their rights, FCR would be abolished and status of tribal areas would be changed soon, he anticipated.


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