Tribal youth activists arrested for making human chain outside Parliament House


PESHAWAR, 12 January: The Islamabad police on Friday disrupted the anticipated protest by the members of the Fata Youth Jirga in front of the Parliament House and arrested key leaders of the youth’s body.

The tribal youth activists had planned to protest outside the Parliament House in Islamabad for the earlier merger of Fata in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They attempted to form a human chain to show their strength but the capital police disrupted their endeavor. The arrested youth leaders were shifted to Secretariat police station.

Later, other members of the Fata Youth Jirga gathered outside the Islamabad press club and protested against the arrest of their fellow tribesmen.

Members of the National Assembly from Khyber and Bajaur, Shah Jee Gul Afridi and Shahabuddin Khan also joined the youth. They strongly condemned the arrest of the activists and urged the government to immediately release them.

Meanwhile, Islamabad police denied that they had arrested the members of the youth jirga, saying they were shifted to the Islamabad press club.

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