Photo by Saleem-ur-Rehman Afridi

BARA, 13 August: The recently returned inhabitants of Bara subdivision in Khyber tribal agency have asked the political administration military authorities to clear their areas from the landmines and IEDs as they feared it could put their lives in danger.

“Since our return, a number of incidents of mines blasts took place in the surrounding areas in which at least four children were injured while some cattle head also got killed,” said Ashraf, a resident of Bara subdivision.

“Most of the people do not cultivate their lands as they fear they might be hit by landmines,” he added.

Another tribesman Gula Khan rejected the administration claims that the areas had been cleared from landmines.

“No, the area has not been cleared. There are still lot of landmines in the surrounding areas,” he said and demanded of the political administration and military authorities to conduct survey from house to house and demine the entire area.

The tribesmen said children were most vulnerable to these explosives as they usually picked such mines without knowing them.