PESHAWAR, 28 November: Elders of the Uthmanzai tribe of the North Waziristan agency have demanded of the government to stop reconstructing the demolished shops in the Miranshah bazaar as it could spark internal disputes among the members of different tribes.

Mohsin Dawar, Malik Asharf Khan Dawar, Malik Shahzada Wazir, Malik Nekzali, Malik Doreen, Shaukat Arman and a number of other tribal elders held a joint news conference at the Peshawar press club here on Monday.

They said that the political administration did not take the owners of the land into confidence and had started the reconstruction of shops and markets in the Miranshah bazaar.

They feared that disputes over the ownership of the shops and markets might arise among the tribesmen in the later stage, which would ultimately result into large scale infighting.

They threatened to start agitation if the authorities did not stop work on the reconstruction of the shops.

The tribal elders said that at least 8000 shops were demolished during the militancy and the subsequent military operations in Miranshah and the local tribesmen suffered billions of rupees of losses during the insurgency. They regretted that though the government announced to provide compensation to the tribal businessmen but it did not materialize its pledges.

They demanded of the government to devise a policy for the compensation of the tribesmen who had suffered huge financial losses and stop the reconstruction of shops and markets in Miranshah bazaar unless the land owners were not taken into confidence.