PTI leader Rahim Shah Mohmand addresses tribal jirga in Mohmand

PESHAWAR: Mohmand tribesmen on Saturday welcomed the construction of Mohmand dam and expressed the hope that the dam will irrigate their barren lands and will provide electricity to far-flung areas of the district.

A grand tribal jirga was held in Essa Khel area of tehsil Pandyalai in which Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Member National Assembly (MNA) Sajid Mohmand, PTI district leader Rahim Shah Mohmand and tribal elders participated.

They asked the government to start the construction work on the dam without further delay. “The dam will be helpful in irrigating barren land and tackle the power shortage in the country,” said Sajid Mohmand. He told the tribesmen that the dam will produce 800 Mega Watt of much need electricity.

“Some political parties are spreading negative propaganda against the dam,” said Sajid while addressing the Jirga. “We will never allow them to get success in their nefarious designs and Mohmand tribe will extend all possible support for the timely construction of the dam.”

The MNA assured the tribesmen that the federal government has approved Rs680 million for the first phase of land acquisition for the dam and the remaining amount will soon be dispersed in accordance with wishes of the tribal elders. “Projects worth billions will soon be launched for the Mohmand district,” the MNA claimed.

Saifullah asks govt to start work on Kurram Tangi dam Phase-ii

Salim Saifullah Khan talking to media in Lakki Marwat

Salim Saifullah Khan, a veteran politician from Lakki Marwat has said that Saif family will participate in the next local government elections and will construct dams for the area to address water shortage and produce electricity.

“Dam will be constructed in Pezu area at the cost Rs 750 million,” Salim Saifullah Khan promised to local of the area. Saifullah asked the government to complete the already approved projects before starting new. He demanded that federal government to immediately start work on Kurram Tangi dam Phase 2. Saifullah also invited the Prime Minister Imran Khan to visit Lakki Marwat.


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