PESHAWAR: The unique style of truck art is still alive in Peshawar and an artist has now extended his painting skills to decorate homes to keep his art flourishing.

Siyar Khan, who is associated with truck art for the last 25 years, says this art is his passion which has compelled him to shift this art to different other things as it is hard to find work on decorating trucks nowadays.

Siyar Khan said people like truck art-like painting on one wall of their rooms which consumes two to three days. He said creating an art piece on a wall costs few thousand rupees including his work charges.

Siyar Khan said he has started paintings in homes to keep his art alive and to earn livelihood. He said the truck art is losing its subscribers rapidly and it has become difficult for artists to find work. He said previously the truck artists used to earn handsomely when the art was on its peak.

Siyar Khan also paints different items with colours used in truck art. He said he is expert in painting on different pots, shoes, mobile phone covers, purses, motorcycles, fans, rickshaws and many other things. He said the talent of painting different items is still appreciated by many people in the country and even abroad.

The artist said most of the work relating to this art is carried out on orders received from foreign countries. He said paintings are made on different pots usually which are used in hotels and restaurants.

The truck art shifting from roads to houses has somehow managed to keep its relevance intact. However, people associated with the art say they need government patronage to protect it from vanishing. They say their work can increase and diversify according to its potential if the government provides support and resources to them. They say the government should provide platform to artists to display their skills and utilise them to earn revenue for them and the country.

Those who support promotion of truck art say exhibition of work of artists must be held to bring the work and talent of artists into the notice of those who know its true value.