PESHAWAR: The problems of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Peshawar are not coming to an end as now two buses have gone out of order in a single day.

On Wednesday, a bus went out of order near University Town at 9:00am. The passengers were asked to disembark the bus and travel on foot till the next terminal. In the evening, another bus full of passengers went out of order near Arbab Road. Passengers faced a difficult situation due to fault in the bus.

A spokesman for TransPeshawar, the company responsible for running the BRT Peshawar, said some technical fault developed in the two buses which was removed on the spot.

Since the inauguration of BRT project by Prime Minister Imran Khan on August 13, 13 buses have gone out of order in less than a month. Three buses caught fire during this period. No word has been shared about repair of those buses.

Critics of the government say the project has been inaugurated without proper preparation due to which such problems are coming forth. However, admirers say this is a huge project involving huge infrastructures and a large number of buses and personnel and small-level problems are bound to happen which will be addressed gradually with passage of time.

On August 31, passengers using the BRT faced a difficult situation due to faulty payment machines installed at the bus stations.

Ijaz Lodhi, a student, told TNN that he came from Mardan to Haji Camp terminal, but the administration did not allow him to travel in the bus without a Zu card. He said he was told that the facility of token is not available due to fault in the ticket machine and he will have to form a Zu card for travelling.

Ijaz said dozens of other passengers, including elderly people, women and children, also returned disappointed as they also did not possess Zu cards and wanted to travel by buying tokens. He said this experience at the bus terminal left him and other passengers disappointed and their trust level in the service was affected.

Passengers also complain that buses at the terminals arrive with a gap of six minutes which causes rush at the stations.

The BRT spokesman told TNN that the token system was affected as the system was down. About shortage of buses, the spokesman said the administration has not received any complaint in this regard. He said the administration is in contact with all the terminals. He said as many as 96 buses are currently being used at the BRT main route.