BANNU, 16 October: Cholera has spread in Khaisura area of Mir Ali tehsil in North Waziristan Agency which has killed two people so far including a child.

The people of Zarini tribe who have returned to Khaisura area after being displaced due to military operation said cholera is spreading in the area rapidly. They said hundreds of people in the area are suffering from cholera and the number of affected children is double than the adults. They said a local person, Bahadur and a minor girl have died of cholera in the area. They said hundreds of patients are waiting helplessly for government assistance but nothing has been done so far.

The people of Khaisura area demanded the political administration and Health Department to immediately send teams to the area to provide treatment to affected people.

TNN correspondent made several attempts to contact the officials of the political administration and Health Department on the issue but got no response.

About 956 families of Zarini tribe, who were displaced from Khaisura due to military operation, have now returned to their area.


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