KHAR: With the efforts of tribal Jirga, two rival groups on Thursday renounced their 22-year old feud and announced to live with peace in future.

Local sources said there was old enmity between the families of Tota Khan and Behram Khan over a land dispute and two persons, Inayat Khan and Shahab, had also lost their lives in the dispute. Several people were also injured in the dispute during the last several years.

A grand Jirga was organised in Civil Colony Khar on Thursday which was attended by Assistant Commissioner Arif Khan Yousafzai, Malik Muhammad Akbar, Malik Anwar Hussain, Malik Saz Muhammad, Malik Ghayasur Rehman, Syed Ahmed Jan and other tribal elders.

The assistant commissioner and tribal elders said during the Jirga that no issue can be resolved with the use of force and issues can only be resolved through talks. He said the Jirga system will further be strengthened and issues will be resolved through this system.

The Jirga elders said they are committed to end all disputes in the area. On the occasion, the elders from rival groups hugged each other and vowed to live with peace in future.