Photo by Shah Muhammad Dotani.

QUETTA, 1 September: Balochistan Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti said on Tuesday security forces have arrested two suspected militants reportedly involved in a number of targeted killing cases and bomb blasts.

Addressing a press conference here, he said linked to an outlawed organization, the suspects—Shaukat Ali and Ibraheem—were apprehended in Quetta. They were wanted to police in a number of targeted killing cases—including assassination of National Party leader Habib Jalib Baloch and  Balochistan Union of Journalists Secretary-General Irshad Mastoi.

“[Under a well-hatched conspiracy] Balochs are being pitched against State on ethnic and sectarian grounds. The murder of Irshad Mastoi, like Sabeen Mahmud’s murder in Karachi, was part of these intrigues. They have plans to create rift between Balochs and Pashtuns to destabilize Pakistan by creating unrest in Balochistan,” the home minister said.

Confessionals statements of both the suspects were also distributed among the journalists, covering the press conference.


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