WANA, 28 October: A local Jirga comprised of local ulema on Saturday in Wana tehsil of South Waziristan Agency banned cultural activities in the area and asked women not to visit doctors alone without male guardians.

The Jirga also banned cultural dance Attan, music during marriages and other celebrations and warned the tribesmen against going out of home after 10p during nights.

The ban was imposed during a Jirga held here decided that all activities or celebrations that are against the Shariah law would not be allowed.

The Jirga announced that violation of the decision would be considered a heinous crime and the violators would be punished severely.

The Jirga announced that any woman who visited doctor alone would be punished as per Islamic law.

However, tribesmen of Ahmadzai tribe dismissed the Jirga and said that decision was taken by people who were not representing the tribes of South Waziristan rather a specific group.