UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. - A file photo

PESHAWAR, 21 May: The United Nations has announced to initiate a negotiations process for resolution of the Yemen conflict.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon says the next week’s conference in Geneva will create ground for giving peace a chance in Yemen. He expressed hope that the negotiations process will reduce violence in the Middle Eastern country to a great extent.

On the other hand, the Yemen government has asked the Houthi rebels to vacate the occupied cities of the country before initiation of Geneva talks on 28 May. Yemen Foreign Minister Riaz Yassin says the Yemen government will not take part in the negotiations process till the implementation of the UN resolutions on the issue. The UN Security Council had passed a resolution last month under which embargo was imposed on sale of weapons to Houthi rebels and former president Abdullah Saleh.

The Saudi Arabian-led alliance had been conducting air strikes against Houthi rebels since 26 March to save the government in the Middle Eastern country. The Houthi rebels have launched a full-fledged coup against the Yemeni government and occupied different cities.


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