PESHAWAR: The United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (Unicef) Pakistan has supported activation and training of 680 Parent Teachers’ Councils (PTCs) in 680 schools of the newly merged tribal districts.

As many as 2,190 PTC members including 1,164 females were trained on the roles and responsibilities and safe functioning of schools in South Waziristan, North Waziristan, Khyber, Kurrum and Orakzai tribal districts, says a document of the Unicef Pakistan.

These PTCs were now receiving conditional grants based on the School Improvement Plans (SIPs) which were developed during the training sessions, it said.

Unicef Pakistan document also added that 11 prefabricated school units were completed and handed over to the district departments of education in South Waziristan district, 534 students (including 208 girls) and 21 teachers (including 9 female teachers) were directly benefitting from these schools. “Enrolment of these schools is likely to be increased after the schools re-open,” the document underscored.

The PTC training and commencement would help in improving student and teacher relationship for safe functioning of schools along with a better coordination with parents. The mechanism would help improve teaching techniques and enhance student confidence particularly of girls to study in a peaceful environment free conservative bias.

The merged districts after a long decade violence had achieved peace after many sacrifices whereas better education facilities for tribal children would help raise a new generation of quality students and future leaders of the nation, the document said.

15 health facilities in 5 merged districts

Unicef Pakistan has also supported 15 health facilities in different hospitals of five Khyber Pakhtunkhwa merged districts aiming to reduce maternal, new-born and child morbidities and mortalities from preventable causes.

Maternal Newborn & Child Health (MNCH) and Immunization services were being provided equipment, human resources, capacity building of healthcare providers, minor repairs and renovations as well as the establishment of WASH services.

As many as 8,525 safe institutional deliveries were ensured in these health facilities, Unicef Pakistan, besides providing antenatal care services were provided to 22,726 pregnant women, while 17,733 Pregnant Women provided with Clean Delivery Kits, 19,589 Pregnant and Lactating Women provided with newborn kits, the document said.


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