Unidentified men 'kidnap' ANP activist in Bajaur

BAJAUR: Ikram Ullah, Local leader of Awami National Party (ANP) has been abducted by unknown persons from his under-construction house in Islam Dheri (Khurnai) in Khar on Wednesday.

Officials of both the district administration and Levies force told that they have launched search operation in the area for the safe and early recovery of the ANP activist while the ANP Bajaur leadership said that the administration and security forces have failed to provide security to public and warned of launching protest movement if Ikram Ullah was not safely recovered.

Nisar Baaz, general secretary of ANP in Bajaur to media that he is the vice president of ANP Khar and is also the president of a local welfare organization, adding that he also runs a shop in his area.

“The Bajaur district administration has failed to protect the public, law enforcement agencies are only silent spectators. If Ikramullah has not been released or harmed, they will start protest movement across the district,” said Nisar Baaz, general secretary of Awami National Party in Bajaur to media.

Nisar Baaz said that the district administration has failed to protect the people while the law enforcement, district administration and other authorities have become silent spectators. Nisar Baaz said that fear is now spread due to insecurity among the people across the district.

Administration and security agencies were asked to take immediate steps to recover Ikram Ullah and ensure his safe return.

“If the government and the administration are unable to do anything, then the failure must be acknowledged so that the people can take responsibility for their own protection,” Baaz said. The ANP’s district general secretary warned that if Ikramullah was not been recovered or any attempt was made to harm him, his party would launch protest movement across the district.

On September 20, unknown persons abducted Dr Jabar Khan from his clinic at 6 pm in Halal Khel Charming area of Nawagai Tehsil.