ISLAMABAD, 24 October: The United Nation on Drug and Crime on Tuesday organized regional conference for improving border control mechanism as well as Trafficking in Persons investigation, prosecution and protection of victim in Pakistan.

Since 2014, UNODC has been organizing regional conferences, inviting relevant countries to present on international best practices for improving border control mechanisms as well as on regional cooperation for Trafficking in Persons (TIP) investigations, prosecutions and the protection of victims.

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Italy, Austria, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hungary, Russian Federation, Czech Republic UAE and Iraq are the participant countries.

The objectives of the conference were in line with a set of recommendation agreed by all participating countries of the previous conference. It includes strengthening law enforcement cooperation in the region by bringing together officials to discuss emerging trends and patterns of human trafficking and migrant smuggling.

Besides, sharing and exchanging information concerning best practices and emerging national trends.

“To present best practices for improving border security and building cooperative relationships with respect to investigations, prosecutions and protection of victims,” press release said.

During the opening session of the conference Cesar Guedes, Country Representative UNODC Pakistan said that human trafficking and migrants smuggling were a stain on collective conscience and a terrible tragedy that was proliferating under our very eyes.

UNODC will take every possible step towards assisting member states towards eliminating this modern day evil.

Federal Minister of Interior, Ahsan Iqbal in his remarks said human trafficking and migrant smuggling could be identified by overcoming the push and pull factors.

“Under the present Government Pakistan’s economy has seriously improved and the environment has been ideal for every citizen to lead a free and peaceful life,” he said.

A message was delivered on behalf of US Ambassador Leon Waskin, Coordinator for Economic and Development Assistance.

“Success will require partnerships among governments, judiciaries, civil societies, business communities, and publics.  These partnerships aim to strengthen our collective abilities,” the message read.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, Chairman Committee of Senate on Defense and CPEC, in his address said that human trafficking and migrant smuggling could only be tackled in holistic manner by underpinning Pakistan’s efforts with effective legislation.