By Nasar Zada

DIR, 02 December: Earthquake affected people of Kalkot subdivision and Kohistan area in Upper Dir held a protest demonstration against the district administration for not giving them cheques of compensation amount despite the passage of more than a month. The protesters gathering in Shringal area and raised slogans about their demands.

The protesters alleged that the compensation amount was being distributed on political grounds. “Despite the passage of more than one month, none of the elected representatives bothered to inspect our damaged houses. Only people who have political affiliation are being facilitated,” a protester said.

Another participant of the protest demonstration told TNN that he was still living in a tent. He said even those who got injured in the earthquake had been waiting for their compensation amount.

The protesters threatened to go on hunger strike if they did not get the checques within one day.

Meanwhile, an official of the district administration told TNN that the process of cheques distribution among the affected persons was underway. “We have been distribution checques amongst the affectees. Owing to some minor technical issues, the process is delayed in some areas,” assistant commissioner Abdul Wali Khan said.

It also merits a mention here that the district administration of Upper Dir has imposed a ban on protest demonstrations. The concerned authorities said they would take action against those who violated the ban.


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