Benazir Bhutto Uni results

DIR, September 17: The Shaheed Banazir Bhutto University in Upper Dir district has announced results of third and fourth-year (bachelor’s) examinations.

The university’s Examinations Controller, Professor Muhammad Ali, has notified that 11,079 students appeared in the examinations and that 40% passed it.

In Science Group (B.Ss), Mr Saddam Hussain of the Government College Warai got first position by securing 457 marks. Ms Arfa Essa of the Government Girls College, Chitral got second position with 437 marks and Mr Aijaz Ahmad of the Government College, Warai got third position with 431 marks.

In the Arts Group (B.A), a private student of Chitral, Mr Saif-ul-Islam got first position by getting 392 marks. Mr Ziaul Haq and Ms Haseena Nazar of the same district got second and third positions, respectively.


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