US asked to condition Afghanistan’s aid to recognition of Durand Line

WASHINGTON:  A US lawmaker told House Subcommittee on Foreign Affairs o condition its aid to Afghanistan on the recognition of the Durand Line as Kabul’s refusal to recognise it unsettles Pakistan.

This apparently is the first time a lawmaker, California Democrat Brad Sherman, has suggested conditioning US aid to Afghanistan to the recognition of Durand Line.

Sherman, who usually is harsh on Pakistan, put forth this suggestion at a House subcommittee hearing on Maintaining US influence in South Asia.

At the same hearing, a senior US official — Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice Wells — reminded Pakistan that India’s interests in Afghanistan were as real and legitimate as Pakistan’s.

He proposed conditioning US aid to Kabul while outlining his views on Pakistan’s interests in Afghanistan and its fears of a growing Indian influence in that country.

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