Around 60 participants from legislative, law enforcement, academia, and NGO communities across KP attended an American Consulate seminar to combat trafficking in persons.

PESHAWAR:American Consulate Peshawar’s Regional Security Office hosted a seminar today at a local hotel to raise awareness of trafficking in persons (TIP).

Around 60 participants from the legislative, law enforcement, and NGO communities attended the event, which focused on how Americans and Pakistanis can work together to stop this crime.

The goal of the seminar, titled “A Whole Village Approach,” was to create a forum for pursuing legislative improvements, prosecution, and victim protection related to TIP.  Speakers from the National Assembly and civil society talked about TIP in Peshawar and how law enforcement, legislators, and NGOs can collaborate to confront this issue.

“The United States wants to work with Pakistan to overcome trafficking in persons,” said Acting American Consul General Wil Makaneole.  “By uniting, we can all form a seamless web to prevent trafficking, protect victims, and prosecute traffickers.”