PESHAWAR, 23 October: At least six suspected militants belong to Islamic State (IS) were killed in a US drone strike in eastern Afghanistan near Pak-Afghan border on Friday, security officials claimed.

They said that the unmanned US aircraft fired missiles on a  militant compound in Nazian district bordering Tirah Valley in  Khyber Agency. As a result six militants associated with IS were killed and their compound was destroyed.

Security official say that Pakistani Taliban and other militants groups flushed out by Pakistan army from Tirah valley as well as North Waziristan Agency during operations Khyber 2 operation and Zarb-e-Azbhave have established safe sanctuaries across the border in Nazian district  and other parts of Afghanistan.

They believe that last year deadly attack by Taliban on Army Public School Peshawar in which 142 students among 152 people were killed, had been planned in Nazian. Local people say that IS has gained control of 12 districts in Ningrahar province including Nazian since the group emerged in Afghanistan.


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