BANNU: The elders of Utmanzai and Ahmedzai tribes of North Waziristan have refused to cooperate with the government in bringing police system to the tribal districts.

This was announced by the elders and Subedars of Utmanzai and Ahmedzai tribes at a Jirga at Qazi Fazle Qadir Shaheed Park in Bannu on Monday. Subedar Major Malik Sher Akbar Khan, Subedar Muhammad Noor, Subedar Hafeezur Rehman, Subedar Gul Aban, Munawar Khan, Barkatullah, Sher Aslam and others said during the Jirga that the Khassadar Force stood shoulder to shoulder with the security forces and perfumed their duties under extremely difficult circumstances to restore peace. They said they are not against deployment of police, but it carried the danger of clash between institutions and tribal families.

They said Khassadars have got their jobs a hundred years ago under the Nekat system under which the salary is distributed among seven tribes. They said there is a clear difference between an employment and Nekat system. They said the police system in the tribal districts may create conflict among the tribal families, which are receiving salaries of Khassadars under the Nekat system, and thousands of people will lose their jobs.

The elders said it was the unanimous decision of 28,000 Khassadar and Levies personnel in the tribal districts and frontier regions that they will never accept the police system. They demanded the government to retain the Nekat system which is in accordance with the tribal traditions. They said a grand Jirga of tribal districts and FRs will be held in Miranshah, North Waziristan, on 20 November which will decide future course if the Nekat system was not restored. They said the people of the tribal districts will never cooperate with the police if the government did not accept their demands. They said the Jirga will also mull the option of blocking the entry of police to the tribal districts.