WANA: The three-day polio vaccination campaign has been postponed in South Waziristan tribal district after which about 100,000 children will remain deprived of vaccination.

Sources in the district administration of South Waziristan said the polio vaccination campaign, which was scheduled to commence on Monday, has been postponed due to ongoing protest by Mehsud tribesmen over non-payment of compensation for their damages houses and properties.

The sit-in of Mehsud tribesmen in favour of their demands is continuing for the last 44 days. The protesting tribesmen have announced polio vaccination boycott until their demands are accepted. After the failure of the district administration to end the sit-in, the vaccination campaign has been postponed.

The administration sources said compensation to about 10,000 people has been withheld on charges of fake claims. The sources said in several cases same pictures of damaged houses and same site were shared more than once to claim more compensation than what the owners deserve. Taking action over the fake claims, the administration has initiated action and stopped payment of compensation to such tribesmen.

On the other hand, the protesting tribesmen have demanded the government to take strict action against those who have stopped their compensation payment.

Meanwhile, a Jirga of Zalikhel tribe was held in South Waziristan on Monday in which it decided to boycott polio vaccination to their children until the government resolves their long standing land dispute with Dotani tribe. The Jirga participants said they will continue vaccination boycott till the government resolves their land dispute in accordance with the British-era land record.

Meanwhile, Dotani tribesmen also stopped vaccinating their children in protest against government’s non-seriousness for resolving their land dispute.

Zalikhel elders told media after the Jirga that the tribe has announced social boycott of the government. He said any tribesman who violated the Jirga decision will face Rs5 million fine and his house will also be demolished according to tribal traditions.

Official sources said polio vaccination campaign could not be carried out in the whole Wana sub-division on Monday due to which over 80,000 children remained deprived of vaccination. The administration has so far failed to convince the protesting tribesmen to provide polio vaccine to their children.