Tribal elders protesting against imposition of tax on vehicles transporting food items in Orakzai Agency. – Photo by Hassan Orakzai

KALAYA, 2 August: The owners of vehicles transporting food items have announced strike against imposition of tax by the political administration of Orakzai Agency on these vehicles.

The tribal elders rejected the imposition of tax on vehicles transporting food items and said the owners of public transport vehicles will also join the strike if the tax was not abolished.

The protest led by tribal elders was held in front of the political agent’s office. A tribal leader, Malik Haji Yasin told TNN that the political administration should construct roads in Orakzai Agency before imposing taxes. He said all the roads of the area are in poor condition, but the administration seeks taxes on transportation of livestock, chicken and other food items. He said the imposition of the tax is unjust and the tribal people will not accept it.