resign verification

PESHAWAR, October 29: The National Assembly Speaker, Mr Ayaz Sadiq, has postponed the verification of resignations of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) parliamentarians once again.

As per directives of the speaker, about 21 PTI parliamentarians were sent back to their homes without verification of their resignations.

The speaker had asked the parliamentarians to meet him individually for the verification of their resignations and to clarify whether the party leaders had pressured them to take such a decision or not.

However, the vice chief of PTI, Mr Shah Mehmood Qureshi, told the media that government did not approve the resignations of PTI parliamentarians in the past as well, and that the government had offered bribes and ministries to them.

He added that the party leaders feared the government might not entangle them in the same situation once again, as the speaker does not consent with them in the matter of verification of en masse.


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