LANDI KOTAL, 21 September: It is said that a child employed is future destroyed but here in this part of the world, future of thousands of children is at stake. Nannay Mian of Khyber Agency is one those employed children who has uncertain future.

Nannay Mian’s father become disabled in an accident a year ago and was unable to earn two times meal for his family comprising five daughters and two sons.

To feed his family, Nannay Mian along with his 10-year old elder brother started selling corns on roads in Soorkamar area of Khyber Agency.

Someone has shared his video on social media in which the eight-year old Nannay Mian was shown wearing old torn clothes and selling corns.

The video has drawn scathing criticism on performance of the political administration who has been generating millions of rupees only from trade done along Pak-Afghan highway.

Hundreds of people have also criticized the federal government for depriving people of Fata and especially its children of their basic right to education.

No one can deny importance of education but what Nannay Mian need is two times meal for their survival.