Photo by Arshad Khan

PESHAWAR, 28 August: Residents of Hazarkhwani village here on Sunday protested against slow pace of work on the widening and reconstruction of 12-kilometer section of Phandu road.

The villagers took out a protest demonstration and blocked the road for vehicular traffic. According to the protesters, work on the widening of 12-km section of Phandu road from Jamil chowk to Urmar was started 14 months ago but it could not be completed till date.

They said due to construction work, flow of traffic remained slow as a result, long queues of vehicles could be seen every time.

The protesters informed that the Phandu road was being daily used by thousands of people from Phandu, Urmar, Baghbanan, Mera Kichori, Jinakwar, Telaband and other villages.

They further complained that large number of people had become victims of chest infections due to dust.

The villagers demanded of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to release funds approved for the project so that work could be completed in shortest possible time.

They informed that the contractor had repeatedly complained that while doing work on the road during night time, a number of his laborers were looted by criminals.

They also demanded of the government to ensure police security to the contractor and laborers to help them carryout work in double shifts.