Students participating in an awareness walk against illicit drugs in Peshawar. - Photo by Arshad Khan

PESHAWAR, 8 May: Students of the University of Agriculture arranged a walk to create awareness about the hazards of drug addiction in the provincial metropolis yesterday.

The vice chancellor of the university also took part in the walk. Participants of the walk said some students indulge in consuming drugs in the university which destroys their future.

“Not only males but females also indulge in drug addiction. The purpose of arranging this kind of events is to tell the youth that drug addiction is a very bad habit which can destroy their future,” a participant of the walk told TNN.

“The primary focus of the students should be to get education and serve the society. Drug addiction spoils all the investment made by parents on their children’s education,” another student said.

Participants of the event urged the university administration to keep arranging programmes to create awareness about hazards of drug addiction.


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