WANA, 20 February: Ahmedzai Wazir tribesmen held a Jirga to discuss and discourage cheating in examinations.

Elders of the tribe, religious scholars, teachers and students attended the Jirga, organised by Wana Welfare Association.

Addressing the gathering, speakers said cheating needed to be discouraged because it deprived a student of his or her right.

The Jirga participants decided to take action against those found cheating or abetting the practice at exam halls and to hand them over to the political administration for detention.

A student, Zubair, told TNN, that the decision made at the Jirga was a milestone for them.

“I am proud of my elders that they made such a decision. I think all people in the country should make efforts to eliminate the menace of cheating and unfair means in exams,” he added.