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DERA ISMAIL KHAN: The wastes of the district headquarters hospital in Dera Ismail Khan are not disposed properly and are found on roadsides outside the hospital which is a cause of nuisance for the people.

The used syringes, expired medicines and other hospital wastes are dumped on roadsides outside the hospital building due to which people using these roads face problems. The area people complained that the district administration has not made any arrangements for lifting the hospital wastes and it even doesn’t issue any notice to the hospital administration for this gross violation of rules and endangering the health of people.

A local resident said while talking to TNN that he faces difficulties while using the road outside the hospital due to hospital wastes on the roadside. He said the district administration should take notice of the matter and get the people rid of this unpleasant situation. He said these wastes may spread infectious diseases among the people and then the situation may get out of control.

Another citizen told TNN that he was unable to understand why such a huge hospital with a large number of employees had no proper arrangement for waste disposal. He said instead of disposing the wastes properly, the staff throws the garbage on the roadside which is a continuous headache for the people outside the hospital.

Dr Samiullah Barki said while talking to TNN that the citizens’ apprehensions about the spread of the diseases are genuine. He said diseases may spread quickly if steps were not taken on immediate basis for proper disposal of wastes.

“The used syringes are very dangerous as they may spread infectious diseases quickly. Unfortunately, there is lack of awareness in our society. The numbers of Hepatitis B and C cases is increasing alarmingly in the region. Hygienic environment must be maintained to avoid the spread of diseases,” Dr Barki said.

Sources said the DHQ Hospital DI Khan has an incinerator for disposal of wastes, but that is not being used properly. They people of the area have demanded the concerned authorities to take notice of the matter and make arrangements for proper disposal of the hospital wastes.

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