gomal zam

TANK, November 21: Water has been released in a canal on experimental basis after completion of Gomal Zam Dam hydropower project in Tank.

Local residents lauded the construction of the dam and water supply for irrigation in the area and say it will turn their barren fields fertile.

“Everybody will benefit from it. It’s of great advantage to Pakistan as well. People will become self-sufficient because of it. Previously, the system of water supply was disturbed. Now as the canals have been built, we believe that our living standards will improve, God willing!” stated an area resident.

Talking to TNN, farmers suggested the government set up a fence on the banks of the canal to avoid any mishap.

On the other hand, local landlords complain the watercourse passes through their fields but that the government does not give them full right over the water usage.

A farmer, Mr Tanveer, told the TNN that disputes might arise in future due to unjust distribution of water.

“We suffered much loss and now others are getting advantage out of it. This water canal traverses our fields but benefits others as well. There should be a separate watercourse for Gandapur tribesmen and other adjacent areas. In future, disputes are likely to arise between us and Gandapurs,”  he addd.

The construction of Gomal Zam Dam was completed with the collaboration of USAID and the government of China last year. Over 20 billion rupees were consumed on construction as it was a huge project. The dam generates more than 11 megawatts of electricity and irrigates up to 200,000 acres of the land.


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