jranda story pic by Attaullah Naseem
An outer view of watermills in Battagram district. Photo by Attaullah Nasim

BATTAGRAM, November 6: A watermill is part of the Pashtun culture but it is vanishing with the passage of time. Many residents of Battagram district have been relying on the watermills for production of flour since long.

A watermill is a structure that requires water or turbine to grind grains for production of flour. It is usually constructed beside rivers, streams and other watercourses. The watermill operates without use of electricity and it produces clean flour. The grains are crushed by a millstone in a watermill.

However, neither the government nor the private sectors have taken any measures so far to keep this part of Pashtun culture alive.

Several residents of Battagram told TNN that they visited the watermill in the area for crushing flour even if they had to travel huge distance.

“These are the ancient watermills. Now this trend has been modified. More money is required for crushing flour via electricity usage. Moreover, these watermills provide us flour on affordable prices and the flour obtained is also sweet. There are many watermills in the areas of Dalai, Gaangor and Kohistan as well. The watermill in our area in Battagram is very popular and people like and use its flour since long.”


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