Weddings are fun again in tribal districts with return of music functions

Hikmat Shah Afridi

PESHAWAR: The militancy and war against terrorism put its impact on the social life of the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and tribal districts.

Like other customs of lives, the militancy and law and order issues also affected the people’s approach towards marriage ceremonies. However, with improvement in the law and order conditions, the situation has improved a lot and people, especially in the tribal districts, are resuming their normal lives and practices.

Martab Khan Afridi, a resident of Jamrud area of Khyber tribal district, says the situation was very tense in the area during militancy and no one was allowed to arrange music functions to celebrate marriages. He said the situation has improved after the sacrifices rendered by the security forces and local people and now they have started enjoying their lives again.

Martab Afridi said he married of his three younger brothers two days ago and invited all his relatives and other people of the village. He said he arranged a music function during the wedding which was greatly enjoyed by the guests. He said people are very happy over this development.

Meena Gul Afridi, another local elder, said people used to arrange music functions during marriages for at least two or three days. He said people associated with music business used to be invited from Dabgari area of Peshawar for wedding functions which were greatly enjoyed by the elders and the youth alike.

Another elder at the wedding function, Haji Murad said the guests were very happy and enjoyed the music thoroughly. He said this was not possible few years ago, but now the people are expressing their happiness freely.

Many people associated with music business had to leave their profession or leave the area due to threat from militants. However, the situation has changed now and music lovers are again finding opportunities to rejuvenate.