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Tayyeb Afridi
Tayyeb Afridi
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Tayyeb Afridi

A friend of mine, who was once doing education consultancy in Pakistan and then in Dubai, has recently moved to Canada for his children education. He told me that now is the better time for those who want to have higher education in Canada. I asked why? And here is the reason he told me.

Since there is a huge influx of people wanting to move to Canada from different countries, the Canadian government while owing to the challenge, has developed a strategy to encourage legal means by providing relaxation to foreign students. And there are two reasons for this.

Firstly, the foreign students, unlike asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, will not be a burden on the country’s social and welfare system because they will be trained in the Canadian universities, which understand demands of the local market. This is why; the consultants are terming this as the easiest way to land in Canada.

Secondly, students will have to spend money in terms of admission and tuition fee in the education sector. So instead of being a burden, the students will contribute to its economy. You may have heard that it is almost impossible to find a job in Canada with University degree earned from other countries. The reason is that the local market prefers those having studied in the Canadian institutions.

After higher education, the students are qualified for three years work permit, which sounds rewarding. After being on work permit, you are on your way to Permanent Residency (PR). As a Permanent Resident, you are entitled to every kind of services the government offers to its citizens. Even you can seek loan for a business idea and the government will help you in refining and executing the idea.

One of the important things you should remember that public universities are reputable than private Universities in Canada. These Universities sometime don’t work with consultants because they want to be contacted directly by the student and they help student in getting admission in a right course.

So If I were to apply I would get information from the relevant University that I wanted to join and then have inputs from other sources to conclude whether or not I’m on right track. The students should also look for scholarships whether or not the relevant University offers, which could help in reducing the expenses.

Canada has strong social security mechanism where the old and jobless are taken care of and perhaps this is the reason of large influx. Because people know the value of a Canadian passport with which one can travel to almost 185 countries with free entry or visa on arrival. This ranks the Canadien Passport 6th in terms of travel freedom.


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