Hudaibia Iftikhar

PESHAWAR: I always go against those girls who rebel, who say that they don’t care for their family. I always object to those girls who had a lot of complaints about their parents that they do not permit them to go outside home and work. The reason why I was against all such things was that I thought that we should convince our parents but do not rebel against them. I tried hard to convince my parents for job but faced failure all the times.

I used to feel bad and got disappointed sometimes, but then I decided to find a way in the course of which I would be able to work and my father and brother will never mind it, therefore, I found an organisation which allowed me to work from home and pay me whatever they want as something is definitely better than nothing, and I agreed.

I don’t have my personal laptop till this day, and I use my cellphone for writing blogs, articles, and stories. First I write my idea on paper and then I type it in my phone, and then I correct grammatical mistakes through a mobile application and whenever it is done, I send it to the female editor with the request to send it to the male editor who is the English editor in that organization, and then he publishes my blog on the website.

I avoid contact with any male staff only because my brother minds it to have any type of conversation with men whether it is an official one or informal. I am working from home since last year. Two or three days in advance, they assign me the task to conduct interviews from 10 persons regarding some social issue, and I commit that I will complete my work on time.

As I am one of those girls who spend much of life at home and have very little contact list in my phone, when I search people for interviews, I hardly had five persons available with me who agree to give me an interview. But as my requirement was 10 people for this, I contact some of my male colleagues through my female friend and ask her to convince them for my interviews.

I was holding my phone and working on it when my brother entered the room within the blink of an eye and took phone from my hand. I gave him my phone and went outside room. He was checking my contact list and then after sometime he left home but when I came to the room, I saw that the phone was not there and he took it with himself with the warning that she will not use the phone until he is alive. Though my father is not that much harsh and he allows me to work from home but this time he also sided with my brother and asked me if your brother is not permitting you than leave everything, don’t write even a single word. He offered me some money and sternly forbad me that your brother is depressed due to some issues and I can’t see him in this situation, and you will have to quit your work because I am not able to bear extra tension.

This happened for the first time in my life when I was asked to leave my work only because my family members are in tension or depressed, and my father is also not understanding my feelings. Is there only me to sacrifice my feelings? Whether quitting my job will solve their other issues? This time I am helpless, and writing this blog on my uncle’s laptop, I can’t even take my phone from them but my mother is with me and I believe that she will not leave me alone in any situation.

These are only daughters who pray for their fathers and brothers. They pray to God to not take them to any dark situation in life. Daughters are not your problems and they pray for the solution of your problems. Don’t sacrifice their feelings for your contentment. If they care for your reputation, think about them, support them and help them.

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