Robina talking to TNN correspondent in Swat. - Photo by Rafiullah

By Rafiullah

SWAT, 25 May: Despite security concerns, a woman from New Colony of Matta tehsil in Swat, Robina is contesting the local bodies elections for the district council seat.

The 26-year-old brave woman says she don’t feel any fear while carrying out her election campaign in Swat. Ms Robina said she is contesting the polls to remove fear from the hearts of womenfolk in the militancy affected areas.

“I have come forward to remove fear from the hearts of people. Even if I embraced martyrdom during my campaign, it will be a matter of great honour for me and my parents. The women of the area are fully cooperating with me in my election campaign. It is my message for our womenfolk to remove fear from their hearts,” Ms Robina told TNN.

Robina’s mother is also a former councillor. She says her daughter is educated and is capable to serve the people in a better manner.

“I am praying for success of my daughter. She is educated and will strive hard to serve the people better than me if she got success in the local bodies polls. I want betterment of society. I want every boy and girl to get education because education is vital for everyone,” she told TNN.

Ms Robina said no one can deny the role of women in development of the country. She said she wants to give her share of development to the country by doing public service.



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