Honor killings are taking place in KP with shocking regularity

A man in Nowshera district has murdered his wife in an incident of honor killing.

Police identified the accused as Jehnazeb, a resident of Misal Abad locality, who shot dead his 26 years old wife.

The accused told police that he murdered his wife after seeing a stranger coming out of his house. He handed himself over to the police after the murder.

Police recovered the body and weapon used to murder the women from a drum inside the house.

Besides, two people were killed and another one was injured over a monetary dispute in the Badhbher area of Peshawar.

Police arrested two accused while a third suspect managed to escape from the scene.

Roohul Amin, the complaint told Bahdbher police that he along with his brother Noor Islam and brother-in-law Aziz Khan was present in his hujra when they came under attack.

He said that three attackers scaled the walls and opened fire on them.

Mr Amin said that both his brother and brother in law were killed in the attack, while he sustained injuries.

Police said that they perused the suspects following the incident and arrested two of them from neighborhood’s hujra.

Police identified the detained suspects Khan Rez and Shahid Wali, while Jangrez managed to escape from the scene.

Separately, in-laws murdered a woman in the Swabi district.

The complainant told police that in-laws murdered his sister.

Police has registered against Saad Mohammad, his wife and sons Daud and Jawad.

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