PESHAWAR: A 23-year old women on Friday moved the Peshawar High Court seeking its permission to undergo a surgery and become a man.

In her petition Kainat Murad said she was not happy with the the status of being a woman as she had the feelings of a man and so wanted to change her gender from a woman to man.

She said has been diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, a condition in which a person persistently is identified with the opposite gender.

The petitioner adopted that she was the only child and her paralyzed father was unable to work, therefore she wanted to work openely like a man and support her family. She added that though  she has been living a life like a man since her childhood, her appearance had forced her to act like a woman. “I’ve played with boys and now I ride a motorcycle,” she stated in her petition.

She filed the petition through her counsel Saifullah Kakakhel in which she urged the court to allow her to undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery.

She also urged the court to order the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) to change her name in its records to Muhammad Kaif.

“Protection against harassment of women laws have failed to protect women workers who are not even able to raise their voices due to social taboos,” she said.